Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to see Invisible(who set their chat as offline) on Facebook

It happens a lot of times that people set their Status in FaceBook but in Chat as offline, as they don’t want to get disturbed by others during their time-out there. But is there any way to find such people, who appear offline even when they are online? We talked about a similar technique for Yahoo messenger users and today I will tell you about a technique which you can use on your FaceBook friends!

You need to use the Texas Hold’Em Poker application for this purpose! The only requirement is that the person who you want to detect as Online/Invisible/Offline, must have used this application atleast once.

If the Poker application has access to that person’s Profile then it shows weather he is online but is not playing poker. If he/she is playing poker then, it will mention it clearly. Even people who are offline on FaceBook chat are mentioned here. They just need to be online on Facebook i.e currently using any application on FaceBook or just surfing around.

I hope I have made my point clear. So, you just need to invite all your friends to play Poker, so that when you need to Find weather they are invisible or Offline, it becomes pretty easy for you.
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  1. It is possible to see who's invisible on facebook now, check